Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Deadbeat Parents And The Deadbeat Blues

picture of a mountain goat named GoatsDaddy
Hello to whom it may concern, I am Daniel Griffing, a member of GoatsDaddy and the Deadbeats.  Today, me and the boys were witness to a very sad situation involving a single mother of four precious children. 

Although this strong woman puts in a forty-hour work week, she has had to find a second job in order to be able to financially support her babies while the DEADBEAT DADDY is now hundreds of miles away doing drugs and making other babies.  He has never sent her a single dollar to help her support his children. 

If this were a motion picture, and I was John Wayne, I would hunt him down, whip his ass, castrate him and leave him to rot in the desert.

How simple would that be?

Alas, that is not a real solution.  And sadly, this poor mother is not the "Lone Ranger" as America is home to many single mothers facing the same problem. Recently, the state of Arizona started a #deadbeat campaign where the state is posting the names of DEADBEATS on social sites.  "BRAVO ARIZONA!"  

Me and the boys in the band have decided to follow their lead and do the same. However, we are not going to limit our effort to only one state.  Hell, no! We are going nationwide, from sea to shining sea!  We are going to team up with the Blue Water - Green Tree Campaign and it will be "taken to the third power."

We just now finished creating a very low budget music video that we will upload to YouTube and post  on this page.

We also are going to produce an Album titled DEADBEAT BLUES and use the profits (assuming anyone buys it) to facilitate our #DEADBEAT Campaign.  Stay tuned and remember you can catch us live in concert on August 21, 2017 when we perform at the Darkest Day Music Festival!
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